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Law Record Retrieval System was developed in 1992 and implemented on Pakistan's Tax Laws. The system consists of complete record of statutes as well as caselaws. Statues includes Act/Ordinances, Rules, Circulars, Circular Letters, General Orders, Original and Amending Notifications(SROs) whereas caselaws includes head notes and complete Jugdements of Supreme Court, High Courts, Appellate Tribunal and FTO. A key feature of the system is Date-wise record of Laws, Rules and SROs which is a unique feature with complete period-wise study, search, interpretation and implementation of Statues. System also interlink sections and schedules of a statute with other sections, schedules, circulars, circular letters, general orders, SROs or Cases of Courts related to that particular section. System has its own Search Engine which provides a legal sense. Now latest and improved version of that system is available online at this Law Library Portal. Trusted by 1000+ leading public and private sector nationwide.

We have a team of dedicated professionals with experience in various special areas involved in the computerization of law. Our professionals includes Law Experts, System Analysts, Web Developers, Designers, Programmers, Data Feeding/Proof Reading experts, Customer's Support Executives, Sales and Marketing Professionals etc. All the staff is properly trained and get continuous in-house training. Our team works under different quality control procedures.

The most crucial part of launching a product is getting clients. By the grace of Allah a large number of highly satisfied clientage is our achievement. Higher Courts, Tax Tribunals, Fedral Borad of Revenue and its Departments, Large Taxpayers Units, Regional Tax Offices, Federal Tax Ombudsman, National and Multinational Companies, Banks, Tax Bars, Chartered Accountants, Advocates, Tax Practitioners and Tax Officials are our clients in all Pakistan.